AJ Rafael


This one goes out to BARRIORS friend and supporter AJ Rafael. I had the great opportunity to meet the AJ during the Shirt the Kids event in New Jersey in June and found out he was a fan of the BARRIORS.

Maybe we might see a collaborative project between the BARRIORS and AJ... more than just a comic...?!?!?

Thanks for all your support!

You can follow the talented AJ on facebook, youtube and twitter.

Maraming Salamat and please spread the word about BARRIORS.


Tagalog Word of the Day--from Bansa.org

kanta, kumanta, kantahan: Word: kanta
Active Verb: kumanta
Passive Verb: kantahin
English Definition: 1) song (noun) 2) to sing (verb)
L2 Definition: (syn) awit
Notes: Spanish
Examples: 1) Kumanta ka sa aking kaarawan. (Sing on my birthday.) 2) Kantahin mo ang aking paboritong awitin. (Sing my favorite song.)



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