Be Careful

This comic was inspired by my Barkada's moms and my own mother. Our mom's were always afraid for us to go out. They always thought the worst. We might get sick... hit by a car... shot by 'the gangs out in the world' or trouble would just find me... I guess luckily it never found me... I was just a nerdy kid, that did well in school liked to draw, play b-ball, and hang out with my Barkada. (Barkada is a word from the Filipino Language, Tagalog, which means "group of friends.)

Whenever I got in trouble, I feared the tsinelas (slipper)! It usually came out of nowhere to discipline me. Even as I got older, and bigger than both of my parents, it didn't the deter the fear of the tsinelas.

Tagalog Word of the Day

tsinelas - tsin´elas Sp n. slippers


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